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This page will introduce the Nations at Linköping University (LiU). The rest of this web site is in Swedish only.

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What are Nations?

In the University world, Nations are social clubs intended for students coming from different geographical regions in Sweden (counties or provinces). The idea is to gather students according to the place they call “home”, rather than the course or programme they’re studying. This will give you opportunities to meet people from different educations and faculties at LiU. The Swedish students in a Nation may speak the same dialect or may have grown up in the same city.

The Nations welcome any student irrespective of geographical origin, but our social activities are sometimes influenced by traditions from the respective region, such as food, songs or customs. Every Nation has its own activities, ranging from parties and pubs to sports and cultural events. Our events are smaller and different compared to the larger parties organized by the “sections” or the student unions. One might say that the Nations offer a different student life. Feel free to find out for yourself!

As an international student, you can get in touch with or join any of the Nations listed below if you would like to experience their local versions of Swedish culture.

List of Nations

Here is short information about the Nations currently active at LiU:

Nation Region or activity Contact information
Wermlands Nation (Linköping) For the provinces of Värmland and Dalsland, north and west of the biggest lake in Sweden, Lake Vänern. Qurator Thomas Michanek ,
Web page , Facebook page
Västgöta Nation (Linköping) For the county of Västra Götaland, the region including the city of Gothenburg. Qurator Claes Hardesköld , Web page , Facebook page
Vargtass (Norrköping) Organizes a trip to Åre, the biggest alpine ski resort in the north of Sweden. Contact email ,
Facebook page

There are also some Nations that have become inactive during the past few years:

Nation Region or activity Contact information
Östgöta Nation (Linköping) For the county of Östergötland, the region including the cities Linköping, Norrköping and surrounding areas. Contact email ,
Web page , Facebook page
Smålands Nation (Linköping) For the province of Småland, the region south of Östergötland, including the cities Jönköping, Växjö and Kalmar. Contact email ,
Web page , Facebook page
Stockholms Nation (Linköping) For the county of Stockholm, the region surrounding the Swedish capital. Contact email , Web page , Facebook page
Upplands Nation (Norrköping) Organizes a trip to Uppsala, the largest city in the province of Uppland, during the last-of-April celebrations at Uppsala University. Contact email

Sweden is divided into counties (“län”) and provinces (“landskap”). The counties are official administrative regions, and the provinces are historical regions. You can find more information in the Wikipedia articles Counties of Sweden and Provinces of Sweden.

Information for newly admitted international students

As an international student following a course or programme at LiU, there may be a corresponding student association (“section”) that will take care of you during the first 2-week inititation period, called “nolle-p”. The section’s mentors (“fadder”) will introduce you to the programme and the student life at LiU.

If there isn’t a “nolle-p” organized for you, you may contact other student associations at LiU to get introduced into the student life, such as the Nations.

Here is some useful information in English: